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“Friday Karl” recommends (01-21-10)

21 Jan

Are you a javascript developer or a jQuery developer? Selling web development to Senior Management and early implementations of HTML 5…

My comments on these links in audio format (4:47):


“Friday Karl” recommends (12-17-10)

17 Dec

Copy writing for the web, the “Gran Torino effect”, google search in 2010 and screencasting. All of that in my first mini-poadcast.

My comments about these links in audio format (3:15):


PD: This is my first mini-poadcast, someone called me in the middle of it but I’m definitely not recording another one, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I also noticed that I make funny pauses when I speak english, specially with the “aaaannnnd” :). Hint: turn off skype or office communicator while recording audio.

“Friday Karl” recommends (10-09)

10 Sep

“Friday Karl” recommends (27-08)

27 Aug

“Friday Karl” recommends (20-08)

20 Aug