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Book review: CSS3 for Web Designers

19 Oct

CSS3 for Web Designers

First of all pay attention to the title, I didn’t and I got a little bit frustrated. It’s for Web Designers, not for developers so it’s kind of basic. It’s good to get an idea of the possibilities that CSS3 can give to you.

Like all books from A Book Apart, it’s quick and basic, sometimes they just feel like a long blog post, but at least you know that it’s a well written blog post. (more…)

Book review: Forms that work

11 Oct

Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability on

I really liked this book because it gave me really good insights on the best ways to build forms. I shows what to do, what not to do and why.

The structure makes it really easy to read and follow the main ideas. The book is separated in 3 parts: relationship, conversation and appearance.

One thing that I thought it was interesting was how important (talking ux, not design bs) it can be that your forms have good appearance, how much that can affect the efficiency of the form.

The definition of the word “Project”

26 Apr

I’ve been meditating on the definition of the word project, and how that applies on my work days. I’m getting to the conclusion that the english definition doesn’t fit the real word, at least not on the web development field.


Project – an enterprise carefully planned to achieve a particular aim

I disagree on that one, part of the project usually is to find the particular aim of that project :).


A project in business and science is a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

Let’s take the carefully planned and change it to planned only, just to make it more compatible with the majority of the projects out there. I agree with the guys from 37 signals that planning is 100% guessing, and saying that you carefully guessed how long the project will take to be done is kind of nonsense.

The free online dictionary

An undertaking requiring concerted effort.

Ok, this is good, but it still lacks on some details.

My definition

First, let’s see what we can learn about the characteristics of the majority of projects.

Photo Tagging plugin for jQuery updated (1.2a)

25 Mar

Thank you all for the feedback on this plugin. I fixed some bugs and made it compatible with the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI.

For those first visiting here, this is a Facebook like photo tagging plugin for jQuery, it’s mainly for tagging people into pictures but it can also be used for notes.

I still have to apologize for the lack of documentation, but I’m planning on keep working on it and hopefully I’ll have it ready soon.

For more information on how to implement visit the jQuery Photo Tag plugin post.

Demo and unit testing
GitHub Project Home Page – On the download section you can find some examples on how your server responses should look like.


Life is too short to learn JavaScript, focus on jQuery and play an instrument

23 Jan

Life is too short to learn JavaScript, focus on jQuery and play an instrument

Last week I read an interesting post called Hiring Front-End Engineers, in this article Chris Zacharias talks about his experience on hiring Front-End Engineers for Youtube. Basically he’s saying how hard it is to find good professionals for this position. One of the reasons is that good Front-End developers must know JavaScript, not only jQuery.

Well, that made me think about what kind of skills should I focus on for my career. I would say that I’m a advanced JavaScript programmer, but I also can say that since I’ve been working with jQuery so much, I’m becoming an advanced jQuery programmer. And my question is: is that good or bad? (more…)

“Friday Karl” recommends (01-21-10)

21 Jan

Are you a javascript developer or a jQuery developer? Selling web development to Senior Management and early implementations of HTML 5…

My comments on these links in audio format (4:47):


“Friday Karl” recommends (12-17-10)

17 Dec

Copy writing for the web, the “Gran Torino effect”, google search in 2010 and screencasting. All of that in my first mini-poadcast.

My comments about these links in audio format (3:15):


PD: This is my first mini-poadcast, someone called me in the middle of it but I’m definitely not recording another one, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I also noticed that I make funny pauses when I speak english, specially with the “aaaannnnd” :). Hint: turn off skype or office communicator while recording audio.

HTML5 and SEO sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

16 Sep

HTML5 and SEO sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Yesterday I went to an event for web professionals in Madrid called First Tuesday, the main topic to be discussed was SEO. By the end they had 4 experts in SEO answering questions, and one question was raised: “How HTML5 will affect SEO?”. For my surprise silent took over the place, none of them wanted or knew how to answer this question.

After some seconds of awkward silence (more…)

“Friday Karl” recommends (10-09)

10 Sep

The 3 basic filters you must set on your Google Analytics profile

8 Sep

The 3 basic filters you must set on your Google Analytics profile

Lately I’ve been creating and configuring google analytics profiles for CaravanToBuy and some other projects, and I noticed that I have 3 filters that are my default filters that I set on every new profile I create. So I decided to share them, maybe it will be useful to you too.

  • 1. No traffic from your IP
  • 2. All to lower case
  • 3. No slashs in the end of your URLs (and no double slashes)

Let’s see how to set them on our profiles. (more…)

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